Vnx cli doc

Those are easy to get rid of.

Vnx cli doc

Start at the first available slot on each BUS and evenly balance the available Flash drives across the first slots of the first enclosure of each bus beginning with the FAST Cache drives.

Vnx cli doc

When there are different drives of the same type in a VNX, but different speeds, form factors or capacities, then these should ideally be placed on different buses.

While all un-configured drives in the VNX2 Array will be available to be used as a Hot Spare, a specific set of rules are used to determine the most suitable drive to use as a replacement for a failed drive: All suitable drive types are gathered.

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Which of the suitable drives are contained within the same bus as the failing drive. Following on from the Bus query MCx will then select a drive of the same size or if none available then a larger drive will be chosen.

This is another new feature where MCx will analyse the results of the previous steps to check if the Enclosure that contains the actual Failing drive has a suitable replacement within the DAE itself. See previous post for more info:EMC®VNX™ Series Release VNX™ for Block Concepts P/N Rev 01 EMC Corporation Corporate Headquarters: Hopkinton, MA VNX Cli Sree Doc by sreenathonweb in Types > Books - Non-fiction and emc CLI should be running on the same machine where this app is running.

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CLI location can be configured using config file. Before backup or restore make sure CLI is configured with correct ViPR instance  · storage core adapter rescan Rescan SCSI HBAs to search for new Devices, remove DEAD paths and update path state.

Vnx cli doc

This operation will also run an claim operation equivalent to the claimrule run command and a filesystem rescan How to download the latest version of the EMC VNX Simulator (VSA): Here’s a quick guide that shows you how to get hold of and download the latest EMC VNX Simulator (VSA).

For those of you who are not familiar with it, the physical EMC VNX is a unified storage appliance with both file and block storage capabilities, can contain Flash and SAS based storage, and provides connectivity either via. Server_stats is a CLI based real time performance monitoring tool from EMC for the Celerra and VNX file.

This post is meant to give a quick overview of the server_stats command with some samples on using it in a scheduled cron job.

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