Theological reflection on honor killings

Adapted from an article that first appeared in the January issue of U. He is the author of many outstanding books on the Old Testament and biblical archaeology, including The Holy City: Poverty in the Bible Abingdon.

Theological reflection on honor killings

Another killing that involves the words, "Muslim", "family", "daughters", "honor. Do you really need the details? You do if you want to get it right. Otherwise, feel free to call it an honor killing and get booked on the Glenn Beck Show and Al-Jazeera on the same day.

They said the Nissan car accidentally plunged into the canal after the eldest daughter, Zainab, took it for a joy ride with her sisters and her father's first wife. The trouble is that Hamed watched the accident from inside a Lexus SUV that happened to be pushing the Nissan into the canal.

Don't worry, the four women were dead long before they got in the Nissan for their joy ride. The prosecution contends the dad and the son conspired to do this, but of course prosecutors hate men of color.

In order for this to be an honor killing in the traditional sense-- note the words honor and traditional-- the purpose of the killing has to be to remove shame from the family. In this logic, an honor killing is not simply punitive but a selfless act, because it puts the murderer at risk of punishment and grief so that his descendants may live with honor.

It is for the sons so that they can grow up and marry without carrying the shame of their mother or sister's actions; for the surviving daughters so they won't be thought of as whores like their sister.

So this would make perfect sense: Prosecutors said the defendants killed the three teenage sisters because they felt they had dishonoured the family by defying its strict rules on dress, dating, socialising and using the internet.

The problem is that this isn't why the women were killed, it is the post-hoc rationalization for why they were killed. The prosecution said her parents found condoms in [younger daughter] Sahar's room as well as photos of her wearing short skirts and hugging her Christian boyfriend, a relationship she had kept secret.

The daughters had been dressing western, dating, using the internet and disrespecting their old man [and brother] for a very long time-- across three Western countries-- without ever being murdered, not even once. The father didn't like these things, thought them abhorrent, beat the girls, but did not kill them.

During all this, this honorable dad had no problem resigning his son to the fate of "brother of sluts", he wasn't worried his other daughters would be the "sisters of whores"-- or become corrupted themselves; nor did he appear mortally wounded by being the father of harlots.

Theological reflection on honor killings

In other words, this had nothing to do with honor. Why did this murder happen when it did? First, let's dispense with the religion: I never saw him do prayer.

Suddenly everyone finds God. That's the history of America: What's necessary for this kind of a murder isn't a surrounding community that supports honor killings-- where in Canada are they going to live before some Molsen swilling hockey enforcer runs them down? In other words, someone to crowdsource the superego.

These Australian Afghan women were supporting the women, not him. His wives were being "seen" by enough people as individuals, more than a reflection on him. When he got to Canada, he found this: Despite the overwhelming evidence presented at trial, some in Montreal's Afghan community have trouble accepting that the deaths were murder.

How could they go and kill them?A member of the Baptist World Alliance General Council, Goatley is the chair of the Theological Reflection, Freedom, and Justice Commissions.

Free Access Content. Let us go to the other side. The black body is the geography upon which the myth of white supremacy fought its primary battle and will fight its ultimate one.

The letting of black blood funds the expiation of . In communities where there is a high occurrence of honor killings, there is a powerful shared belief that honor is the primary value in life. Honor killing is defined as the murder of a family or community member by other members due to the belief that the victim brought shame upon the family or community.

Culture, Worldview, Biblical Interpretation, and Mission. GORDEN R. DOSS. commit “honor” killings of daughters and sisters. Another issue to be. dealt with is an abrasive style of conflict management. Minor differences to be part of theological reflection.

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BEYOND LITERATE WESTERN CONTEXTS: Honor & Shame and Assessment including honor-killing of even loved ones.

Theological reflection on honor killings

We are called to live by and teach godly honor and shame, e.g., honored by being “Through case studies and theological reflections the book shows that orality is part.

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