The true brutality of war in the film fury

Catastrophes can take so many different forms - but they are mostly man-made or natural. They can be either impending or ongoing, or set in a distant future, or they can exist locally or globally. The most-commonly portrayed disasters in films are: Some of the most notable were The Hurricane - with one of the most spectacular tropical storm scenes ever shot in film history.

The true brutality of war in the film fury

Click here to go straight to Comments] 1. Post And Series Overview In the previous posts, I used the official court reports and court testimonies to prove John Douglas has made numerous demonstrably false claims.

In this post, I will analyse a number of specific claims that John Douglas makes in his analysis of the crime scene in The Forgotten Killer.

Note that the police processed the whole of the apartment for evidence and as it was distributed throughout they defined that as the crimescene. For ex-FBI he sure adopts very strange methods.

Examples of his overarching claims include 1 there was proof of only one attacker and no proof of multiple attackers, 2 there is no indication of a female attacker, and 3 the break-in at the cottage was genuine and not staged to mislead investigators. I will focus on rebutting these overarching claims in this post.

Devastatingly convincing closed-court recreation ignored by Douglas 1. Many hours at trial were devoted to this evidence, and in Post 3 in this series I explained how even the defenses had to fall back to accepting and trying to explain this.

The true brutality of war in the film fury

The fine journalist Barbie Nadeau was in the courtroom when these experts testified at trial in and explained why they concluded there were multiple attackers.

The fine journalist Andrea Vogt who was also in court reported more details about this evidence. Wounds were from two different knives, Perugia courtroom is told….

He said she died of suffocation and interpreted her stab wounds as having been inflicted as threats during a struggle. The wounds, mostly on the side of her neck, were possibly inflicted by two different knives, he said, but noted that one of the stab wounds was compatible with the alleged murder weapon.

The Italian Supreme Court has repeatedly acknowledged the certainty of two knives having been used in the attack on Meredith. Judge Chieffi in his report presents a concise summary of why the Supreme Court ascertained from the wounds that there were multiple attackers.

In particular, it was found that many injuries were caused by activities of grasping, others by a pointed and cutting weapon; they were extremely different in size and degree of injury, and had reached the victim sometimes from the right and sometimes from the left.

All of which led to the conclusion that more than one attacker, together, held the girl, limited her movements, and struck her from the right and from the left, depending on their position with respect to her, but above all they covered her mouth in order to prevent her from repeating the scream that was heard and reported by the two witnesses mentioned above.

And it is flat-out wrong that the other two left none at the rest of the real crime scene: Douglas is not a forensic biologist and he has no special expertise in DNA evidence.

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But no DNA expert ever claimed this. Does the strange logic of Douglas mean that Sollecito never drove his car or was even inside it at all? Many, many crimes and many many crimescenes come up short on DNA.

However, there were no traces of them in his house. We make reference in particular to those declarations that the current appellant [Knox] on On the other hand, in the slanderous declaration against Lumumba, which earned her a conviction, the status of which is now protected as a final judgement [giudicato] [they] had a premise in the narrative, that is the presence of the young American woman, inside the house in via della Pergola, a circumstance which nobody at that time - except obviously the other people present in the house - could have known quote p.

The true brutality of war in the film fury

Judge Nencini noted in his report that Amanda Knox placed herself near the basketball ball in Piazza Grimana which was corroborated by another witness. This something that has been noted by multiple judges and the Supreme Court. Judge Nencini stated it would have been impossible for Guede to leave the bare bloody footprint on the bathmat.

The Supreme Court also noted there is no evidence that Rudy Guede went into the small bathroom after Meredith had been stabbed.Tuesday, September 18, Was A Vulnerable John Douglas Hijacked By ‘First Generation Crackpots’ To Lie About The Case?

Posted by Cardiol MD. First-generation crackpots Doug Preston, Michael Heavey, and Steve Moore. David Ayer said tank crews like the one in "Fury" "were the tip of the tip of the spear" in World War II. (Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times).

Disaster Films: Disasters have been the subject of film-goers' fascination since the time of silent film epics, and this interest continues to exist up to the present time. Catastrophes can take so many different forms - but they are mostly man-made or natural.

They can be either impending or ongoing, or set in a distant future, or they can exist .

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