The main cause of climate change and its impact on our planet and the environment

An increasing number believe that any warming is so small it is indistinguishable from the noise in the environmenal data sets, and that the data have not been properly adjusted for such things as urban heat island effects are the city temps warmer than the suburbs where you live?

The main cause of climate change and its impact on our planet and the environment

Shop What is Climate Change? Climate change is real, and it is really something serious that people downplay a whole lot. The truth is, the climate is changing each and every day. There are many different problems that are leading to our climate change, some of them having to do with the Greenhouse Effectand other changes are occurring due to human activity and solar irradiance.

The main cause of climate change and its impact on our planet and the environment

The earth is becoming hotter, whether we want to admit it or not. Here is what is happening. When you do this, you will find that this is one of the main causes of the climate changes that are taking place currently.

The warming of our atmosphere is actually happening because the atmosphere is continuing to trap the heat that radiates from the earth and traps it between earth and space. There are gases that can play a part in the greenhouse effect, and most of these gases will actually block the heat.

Gases that Play a Part in Climate Change Here are a few of the gases that can play a part in climate change. First, you will find water vapor. This is the most abundant gas that plays a part in the Greenhouse Effect.


It increases because the earth is getting warmer, and it also makes more clouds and precipitation. Carbon dioxide also plays an important role, even though it is one of the more minor components in our atmosphere.

It can be found through a variety of different processes, including respiration, volcanic activity, deforestationfossil fuel burning, and others.

The carbon dioxide that is found in our atmosphere continues to increase, making the climate change much more prominent these days than before.

Next, you will find that methane gas also plays a part. This is a hydrocarbon gas that is produced through a variety of different processes and sources.

It can be produced through decomposition of trash in landfills, and can also be found a lot around places with a lot of domestic livestock. These gases are active in the greenhouse effect, leading to more climate change.

CFCs, or chlorofluorocarbons, which are basically synthetic compounds that are created in the industrial setting, also play a part.

They are usually what plays a part in the depletion of the ozone layer. The more the ozone layer is depleted, the hotter our earth will get.

Finally, you have nitrous oxide. This is another type of gas that is often times formulated from the soil when it is cultivated. It is used in many of the fertilizers that you find in your local stores, and can also be formed by the combustion of fossil fuels and other processes.

It is one of the other gases that has an impact on our climate change.

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Natural Factors Volcanic Eruptions: These large volumes of gases and ash can trigger climate change by increasing planetary reflectivity causing atmospheric cooling. Variations in ocean currents can also influence climate change for short periods of time. Studies suggests that solar variations have played a role in past climate change.

A slight change in the tilt of the earth can lead to climatic changes.

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Effects of Climate Change Climate change can really have a lot of negative consequences. It is important to do something about it to help decrease the amount of change that occurs and make it not happen so fast. Change in Rainfall Patterns: In last couple of decades, excess rainfall, droughts, hurricanes and floods have become quite frequent.

While few areas experience plenty of rainfall, then there are areas that face droughts throughout the year.What is Climate Change? Climate change refers to significant, long-term changes in the global climate..

The global climate is the connected system of sun, earth and oceans, wind, rain and snow, forests, deserts and savannas, and everything people do, climate of a place, say New York, can be described as its rainfall, changing temperatures during the year and so on.

Curiously, the temperature graph preferred by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the famous “hockey stick,” smooths out the Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age to create an impression that twentieth-century warming is “the warmest in 1, years” (Figure 2).

Jun 03,  · The party’s fast journey from debating how to combat climate change to arguing against its existence is a story of big political money and Democratic hubris.

The main cause of climate change and its impact on our planet and the environment

outlines the impact of climate change in four developing country regions: Africa, Asia, Latin America and small on a country depend on the climate it experiences as well as its geographical, social, cultural, economic and resulting in climate change. The main characteristics of climate change are.

For example, in , scientists from the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predicted that warming oceans and melting glaciers due to global warming and climate change could cause sea levels to rise inches by the year As you can see, climate change can really be a negative force on our planet earth.

It is time for you to take a look at the things that can be done to help improve the environment and help to slow down the process of climate change.

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