The hc bridge frame work

Two or more than two timeslots can be grouped to constitute a Hyper-channel. The application supports two types of fragmentation:

The hc bridge frame work

Check the above links if not familiar with transistor switching circuits. See the spec sheet tap. Counter EMF from the motor motion acts to break the motor direction of rotation. This creates a current path for the motor through Q2 and Q3. The motor will rotate I'll say clockwise. This turns off Q3 and turns on Q4.

Q1 and Q4 provide a current path for the motor, but in the opposite direction for the current flow.

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This results in counter-clockwise or reversal of rotation of the motor. Now I'll address the problem of shoot through. This is a condition where a transistor, let's say say Q2, has not switched fully off as Q1 is switched on.

I've used this circuit without problem, but we can't ignore this problem. This can be a particular risk with high speed motor direction change or using pulse-width modulation to control motor speed.

Based on the above schematics simply switch motor voltage off, change direction, then motor voltage back on. That prevents any chance of shoot-trough. We can also pulse-width modulate the switch to control motor speed.Our assembly area is a spacious two (2) bay area serviced by three (3) overhead bridge cranes, each with 8, pound lifting capacity.

This layout provides for adequate room to perform smaller “bench work” assembly while permit­ ting ample floor space for larger assemblies such as .

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The hc bridge frame work

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The hc bridge frame work
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