Teechers drama coursework

Let me start with a confession.

Teechers drama coursework

A time when education in poorer areas was appalling and was letting the students down. I needed to look into this as I am meant to be a man who has extremely strong views about it this, a mouthpiece of John godbers views.

I explored this so that when learning and reading the script, in my performance I could know the views I was meant to believe when playing this character rather than just saying it.

During rehearsals I often practised and developed my Body language, movement, facial, my voice and gestures for my role. For body language I practised how and where I would move on the stage such as attempting to use as much space as I could whilst performing, and also making by body language different to mine, and like that of a man.

At one point in the piece I had a large speech, and with that I had to speak to the audience. This for me was the most challenging bit, as I had to use all skills. My gestures were expanded during rehearsals, such as how I would use my hands when speaking to others and my whole stature when I sat down etc.


For my voice, I changed it from my own my having an accent, of which I chose Irish. This was challenging but I feel I succeeded whilst doing it, knowing what tones to do and when was also difficult. I feel overall my performance was good, but I still could have improved in various areas.

Starting with quite basic areas. An example of this is a particular speech near the end of the performance, although I forgot the last line, I did manage to cover up by continuing with it and not stepping out of character. Throughout the rehearsals we had, as previously mentioned, my main focus was on my movement and understanding the character and how he would act towards different situations.

Also knowing what actions to do at these various points. When first walking on stage, with my fist line, I had to get across to the audience who I am. So using the research I had done I walked on stage with confident body language, but also still casual and male like, so the audience knew which character I was portraying.

My first line required me to shout rather loudly, so I had to use an appropriate, authoritative tone to show that I was the one in charge of the situation, like that of a teacher.

This, along with my facial expressions all helped make an impression on the audience showing my role in the piece. In the mid section of the piece, I had a speech all about Mr.

With this I had to be extremely serious but still being casual and connecting with the audience to make them listen and understand. With my hands I used quite opening gestures to let them in to what I am saying and moved around the stage to connect with everyone in the audience, and make sure eye contact was made.

I feel my performance was well done but I should of, in rehearsals, though about how I would present my lines to the others in the group and those in the audience as I, at some points felt I said things in the wrong type of manner.

Choose Type of service.Jan 25,  · Hi there, I am spending my sunday catching up on coarsework and im a little stuck. Nearly finished my drama coarsework but i need to know; How i could use each dramatic convention (Split Staging, Juxter position, Thought Tapping, Marking the moment, Freeze frame, and Cross Cutting) and why i would use them in practical regardbouddhiste.com: Resolved.

Teechers by John Godber - A collection of teaching resources for GCSE drama, including warm-ups, games, role play and freeze frames. With free PDFs to download.

- Comparing and Contrasting ‘Teechers’ with ‘Educating Rita’ I am going to compare and contrast ‘Teechers’ by John Godber with ‘Educating Rita by Willy Russell.

Teechers drama coursework

I think the most obvious likeness between the two plays is the theme of education. Teechers is a comedy first and foremost, presenting an array of colourful and finely observed characters striving to survive in a struggling Comprehensive. But like all great Godber plays, underlying the comedy.

Mar 11,  · Im doing Drama coursework and am stuck! Does anyone know the main themes of the play Teechers by John Godber? Im doing Drama coursework and am stuck!

Follow. 5 answers 5. present the audience with a complex, character-driven narrative that focuses on their new, idealistic drama teacher, Mr.

Nixon, and the impact he has on Status: Resolved. Teechers Characters Essay Sample. Introduction.

Drama staff: Ms M Lancaster The Drama Department in Fitzharrys school is focused on developing a discipline and focus within each student so that they grow into a . teechers drama coursework help writing nursing application letter pay for professional critical analysis essay on usa. Auteur. Berichten Reageer op: advantages and disadvantages of tuition classes essay. Mijn informatie: Naam (verplicht): E-mail (wordt niet gepubliceerd)(verplicht) Site: Annuleer Verzenden. Currently in his third year studying English Literature and Drama Studies at the University of Manchester, Ollie has performed in, written and directed numerous productions as part of the University of Manchester Drama Society and is the current President of the society.

For unit 2 of Drama, we are studying Teechers which is by John Goodber. Goodber is well known for plays such as Teechers, Bouncers and Shakers.

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