Silvano jung thesis

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Silvano jung thesis

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The Secret of the Black Chrysanthemum Turner: Jungian Literary Criticism von Franz: Shadow and Evil in Fairy Tales Werblowsky: A Study of Milton's Satan Westman: Fairy Tales and the Kingdom of God Willeford: The Nightingale and the Hawk Witcutt: The theme underlying this collection of nine essays is the archetype of Spirit, the source of scientific and artistic creativity in those persons with qualities of personality who pioneered in realms as diverse as medicine, psychoanalysis, Oriental studies, the visual arts, and literature.

All appeared as articles in journals, with some also presented as lectures or addresses, the longest being a lecture and article on the relation of analytical psychology to poetry and an article on psychology and literature.

Others include memorial addresses on the life and work of physician-alchemist Paracelsus, noted Sinologist Richard Wilhelm, and Freud, along with a critical analysis of James Joyce's Ulysses and a psychological interpretation of Picasso.

A Psychological Studyby W. Kennikat Press, reissue ; Folcroft, Penn.: Folcroft Library Editions, repr. Using the "instrument of Jungian psychology" to provide a key for understanding the work of William Blake, Witcutt indicates a path through the Blakean jungle, a plan of the maze to interpret the problems of mythology and symbolism of the strangely named characters which make up "Prophetic Books.

His topics include the nature of imagination; the supreme introvert; the four Zoas daimons, or spirits ; the birth of the functions; the anatomy Silvano jung thesis disintegration; conflict of the Zoas; reintegration; Blake's map of the psyche; and "an introvert looks at the world.

A Study of Milton's Satanby R. AMS Press, ; repr. Stating that Jung's analytical psychology insists on bringing the devil and the problem of shadow to the fore, Werblowsky studies one of the greatest and most towering Satans of literature, along with a study of Milton himself.

He claims that Milton's Satan in fact contains Promethean elements and he contends that the archetypal similarities between the mythology of Satan and of Prometheus led to contaminations of which the strange Satan of Paradise Lost is the result.

Werblowsky discusses the topics of the hero and the fool; pride and ambition; Satan as the antagonist of heaven's almighty king; sin; and obedience.

Jung comments in the foreword that the SatanPrometheus parallel shows that Milton's devil stands for the essence of the individuation process.

Art and the Creative Unconscious: Four Essaysby Erich Neumann. Kunst und schbpferisches Unbewusste. Neumann holds the point of view that a part of the creative person's consciousness is always receptive to the unconscious, and he observes that the creative principle in art has achieved prominence in contemporary times because the symbol- creating collective forces of mythology and religious rites and festivals have lost most of their power.

His four essays on this subject are on Leonardo da Vinci and the mother archetype 78 pp. Press, ; New York: Schocken Books, p with new intro. Consisting of seven lectures given in at Harvard University, this book explores the theme that the symbols of art have a priority claim in that the image always precedes the idea in the development of human consciousness.

Read states that ideas are manipulated by logic or scientific method but are come upon in the contemplation of images.

He discusses the vital image; the discovery of beauty; symbols for the unknown; the human as the ideal; the illusion of the real; the frontiers of the self; and the constructive image. Read is a coeditor of Jung's Collected Works. Pantheon Books Bollingen Ser.

Neumann uses depth psychology to analyze the art of English sculptor Henry Moore one of the greatest artists of the twentieth centuryseeing Moore and his work not only as molded by his milieu and childhood but also as part of a collective psychic situation.

He interprets the connection between Moore's artistic creation and the archetypal reality of the unconscious as evidence of a creative individual whose work revolves around the centrality of the definitive "Primordial Feminine," the reclining figure of mother and child.

The Forms of Things Unknown.

Silvano jung thesis

Horizon Press, ; New York: In this book, Read discusses the controlling influence of such factors as image, symbol, myth, and icon in the development of human culture and the part played by the creative mind in the maintenance of aesthetic values.

Contrasting this with the technological revolution of our time, Read emphasizes the need not to ignore the "subtle springs of creation. They are on the creative process, the created form illustrated by three of Henry Moore's sculpturesand the reclining image Jung's concept of the archetypal Self in the individuation process.

Others include a discussion of the limitation of a scientific philosophy; art as a symbolic language; psychoanalysis and the problem of aesthetic value from a Freudian viewpoint; art and the development of the personality; creative experience in poetry; the contemporary revolution in the visual arts; and the creative nature of humanism.

Die Graalslegend in psychologiscber Sicht. Putnam's Sons for C. Jung Foundation for Analytical Psychology, ; London:Origins Edition 1 - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

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