P3 bouncing balls coursework

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P3 bouncing balls coursework

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P3 bouncing balls coursework

With this edition of Precalculus: Graphical,Numerical, Algebraic, the authors of Calculus: For those students continuing to a calculus course, this precalcu-lus textbook concludes with a P3 bouncing balls coursework that prepares students for the two centralthemes of calculus: Recognizing that precalculus is a capstone course for many students, we includequantitative literacy topics such as probability, statistics, and the mathematics offinance and integrate the use of data and modeling throughout the text.

Our goalis to provide students with the critical-thinking skills and mathematical know-howneeded to succeed in college or any endeavor. Continuing in the spirit of two earlier editions, we have integrated graphing tech-nology throughout the course, not as an additional topic but as an essential tool forboth mathematical discovery and effective problem solving.

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Graphing technologyenables students to study a full catalog of basic functions at the beginning of thecourse, thereby giving them insights into function properties that are not seen inmany books until later chapters.

By connecting the algebra of functions to thevisualization of their graphs, we are even able to introduce students to parametricequations, piecewise-defined functions, limit notation, and an intuitive under-standing of continuity as early as Chapter 1.

However, the advances in technologyand increased familiarity with calculators have blurred some of the distinctionsbetween solving problems and supporting solutions that we had once assumed tobe apparent.

P3 bouncing balls coursework

Therefore, we are asking that some exercises be solved without cal-culators. See the Technology and Exercises section. Once students are comfortable with the language of functions, the text guides themthrough a more traditional exploration of twelve basic functions and their alge-braic properties, always reinforcing the connections among their algebraic, graph-ical, and numerical representations.

This book uses a consistent approach to mod-eling, emphasizing in every chapter the use of particular types of functions tomodel behavior in the real world. This textbook has faithfully incorporated not only the teaching strategies that havemade Calculus: Although this book can certainly be appreciated on its own merits, teach-ers who seek continuity and vertical alignment in their mathematics sequencemight consider this pedagogical approach to be an additional asset of Precalculus: This textbook is written to address current and emerging state curriculum stan-dards.

In addition, we embrace NCTMs Guiding Principles for MathematicsCurriculum and Assessment and agree that a curriculum must be coherent,focused on important mathematics, and well articulated across the grades.

As sta-tistics is increasingly used in college coursework, the workplace, and everydaylife, we have added a Statistical Literacy section in Chapter 9 to help studentssee that statistical analysis is an investigative process that turns loosely formedideas into scientific studies.

Our three sections on data analysis and statistics arealigned with the GAISE Report published by the American Statistical Association;however, they are not intended as a course in statistics but rather as an introduc-tion to set the stage for possible further study in this area of growing importance.

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