Most american in the profit of the smoky mountains essay

The Board is a congressionally chartered body of twelve citizens appointed by the Secretary of the Interior.

Most american in the profit of the smoky mountains essay

Development of the Blue Ridge Parkway: Historically, the federal government acquired large amounts of scenic lands and set them aside to be a part of the National Park system where they would hopefully abstain from being urbanized.

While the west coast has grand parks like Yellowstone, the east coast also has a strong history of parks and tourism as well. Simultaneously, as the automobile became affordable for the middle class, the context of tourism changed to include scenic motorways which could be enjoyed by simply driving and stopping to appreciate the majestic landscapes.

As the Blue Ridge Parkway redefined how tourists can enjoy National Parks, intense federal, state and local involvement during a time of economic turmoil during the Great Depression resulted in one of the most massive and unprecedented land development projects in United States history.

The Blue Ridge Parkway was one of the first roads to be developed for a purpose other than for efficient transportation.

The railway was quickly being replaced for a more personal traveling experience where one would not have to rely on schedules and designated stations. As other roads were being built, however, the Blue Ridge Parkway had an entirely different purpose then just getting from point A to point B.

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This gave the motorway an element of tourism, which was unheard of. Therefore, this element of enjoyment while driving not only defied the traditional notion of a National Park, but redefined it to include the Parkway as well.

For the first time in American history, a road was intended to not only be a means of transportation, but also as a massive tourist attraction designed to attract middle class travelers.

Promotion of Middle Class Tourism Indeed, the Parkway was intended to promote the development of middle-class tourism.

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The tourism aspect was very important within the context of the Great Depression. As unemployment rates were high and economic stability was marginal, a large scale project designed to attract tourists was appropriate. Thus, on one end, the development of the Parkway served the purpose of giving individuals short term employment during the tough economic times.

On the other end, the Parkway was an economic investment. The issue of tourism also had to be addressed.

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In order to attract tourists, the Parkway had to be designed from an aesthetic perspective. This emphasized the importance of planning. The tourism perspective heavily influenced the early planners of the Parkway.

One of the most attractive aspects that were decided upon was the notion of early American Heritage. This meant that rather than focusing on a new model of park and road development, a more basic and traditional approach was utilized. While it was agreed that the Parkway would focus on scenic enjoyment, the issues of location and commercialization were still left to be decided upon.

Consequently, this resulted in government, state and local intervention, as well as other interests. Problems During Construction Since the road had to be built through three states during economic turmoil, there were emergent problems as well.Description: The Georgia Historical Quarterly is one of the premier state historical journals in the United States, published quarterly by the Georgia Historical Society.

The Quarterly publishes the finest scholarly articles on Georgia history and book reviews dealing with all aspects of southern and Georgia history.

Most american in the profit of the smoky mountains essay

Valley Region of the Appalachian Mountains Essay example; Valley Region of the Appalachian Mountains Essay example. Words 8 Pages. Valley Region of the Appalachian Mountains and Subsequent Karst Regions in the State of Virginia Most American in The Profit of the Smoky Mountains Essay.

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Most american in the profit of the smoky mountains essay

Most American in The Profit of the Smoky Mountains words 8 pages. Show More ECOP Economics as a Social Science Essay The essay should compare Two different schools of economic thoughts Question 4. What is profit? European journal of American studies Reviews In addition to the infrastructural and commercial changes it wrought in Tennessee and North Carolina, the development of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park encouraged efforts to manage visitors' perceptions of nature.

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