Impact of vietnam war on veterans and families

For the victorious communist troops, the end of the war meant a return home to participate in village life and the rebuilding of a united nation. Compared to South Vietnamese veterans, many northern veterans suffered long isolation from their families whom they had not seen in some cases since the mids. The communist government forbade the returning veterans to fully take part in village politics due to fears that ex-soldiers would take on increased power through their enhanced status as war heroes.

Impact of vietnam war on veterans and families

The Vietnam War had detrimental effects on the people involved. Vietnam veterans and their families were affected physically and psychologically. The physical effects can include a small scar to a large wound or death, and the psychological effects including a families mourning to chronic stress disorders endured by veterans.

Impact of vietnam war on veterans and families

I will explore both the effects the war had on allied veterans, but also veterans and survivors from Vietnam. The first most obvious effect is the amount of lives lost, and people wounded while involved in the Vietnam War.

A total from both allies and VC of three million were killed and one million were wounded during the conflict of the Vietnam War. The majority of these deaths were fathers, or the sole providers of families. The deaths of these men lead to a direct impact on the families, many widows and orphans were left without money or shelter.

Although compensation was issued, there was no solution for the emotional effects the death of a family had on partners and children. The survivors of the Vietnam War were plagued with cancers, diseases and breathing problems due to the defoliants sprayed across Vietnam.

The chemical warfare used in the Vietnam War was more advanced than ever before. At the time these chemicals were believed to be harmless to humans, but 30 years later the effects can be seen clearly.

The insignificant immediate effects: Although years later, the effects of the concentrated chemicals include: Many children have been born with sever skin irritations, organ problems and cancers.

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These effects have been known to effect grandchildren also. These effects were much worse in Vietnam. The Vietnamese people, being a poor country acquire most of their meals from the natural resources around them.

Fruits, herbs and meat off animals were the major sources of food, and all of them were polluted with tactical pesticides. Whereas the Vietnam veterans were a small group of affected individuals in a small time frame, the entire Vietnamese population, and neighbouring countries were subject to hazardous chemicals over a number of years.

Reports of large amounts of miscarriages, deformities and deaths in newborn children have been filed and on January 31sta class action lawsuit was filed against several American companies for causing personal injury to Vietnamese victims by producing and distributing the chemical during the Vietnam War.

S government was also accused liable for personal injury but on March 10thJudge jack. The Vietnamese victims did not receive any compensation. Following the health issues that the Vietnamese endured, they also had lost most of their housing, crops and infrastructure.

The cost of rebuilding these major parts of society in Vietnam was phenomenal, and many areas became equivalent of third world conditions. The effects of the Vietnam war on the allies was mostly individual, affecting the people involved.

The effects of the Vietnam War on the Vietnamese were on a national scale. Every person in Vietnam was affected by this war which made an impact on every part of their lives. Allied Vietnam soldiers were placed under extreme and unusual conditions when serving their tour.

Having had the methods of survival drilled into each soldier, almost to the point of being brainwashed, returning to society was a difficult task.

Recurring dreams thoughts or hallucinations about certain trauma, panic attacks, withdrawing from society, phobias, memory loss about the trauma, lack of motivation, emotion and concentration; increasingly edgy or paranoid; and increased rage or anger control issues.

The effects of the Vietnam War created endless problems for veterans, both allied and Vietnamese.

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The point that these impacts were in vain, as the allied forces were defeated, meant that veterans felt they were suffering for nothing.

The impact of death, health problems, loss of infrastructure Vietnameseand PTSD will effect Vietnam veterans for the rest of their lives, and in some cases, generations to come.Older studies of Vietnam Veterans demonstrate the negative impact on families of war-related PTSD.

These Veterans have higher levels of marital problems, family violence, and partner distress. Their children present more behavioral problems than do those of Veterans without PTSD.

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Aug 02,  · Watch video · The Vietnam War was a long, costly and divisive conflict that pitted the communist government of North Vietnam against South Vietnam and its principal ally, the United States. Veterans and their families - psychological, The impact of the War, Australia in the Vietnam War Era, History, Year 9, NSW The return home After the war was over and the Australian troops came home, they were angry and confused by the reaction they met.

The anti-war protests led to . The Vietnam War and Its Impact - Vietnamese veterans For Vietnamese veterans on both sides of the conflict, the violence of war remained firmly with them for the rest of their lives. For the victorious communist troops, the end of the war meant a return home to participate in village life and the rebuilding of a united nation.

Veterans and their families - physical, The impact of the War, Australia in the Vietnam War Era, History, Year 9, NSW Agent Orange Apart from the psychological damage inflicted on the veterans, by the late s many believed they had also been poisoned while fighting in .

The five million ARVN veterans (including , disabled vets) faced difficult choices at the war's end. Of the , Vietnamese refugees who fled Vietnam in , approximately 33 percent were South Vietnamese veterans who, with their families, chose to immigrate to the United States.

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