How to write a division number story

Relating Multiplication and Division: Overview An arrangement of objects, pictures, or numbers in columns and rows is called an array. Your students used arrays earlier to multiply. In this chapter your students will learn how to use arrays to show the relationship between multiplication and division.

How to write a division number story

Fraction Division from a Measurement Model Goal To help students learn to divide fractions from a measurement perspective by reasoning about pictures, and to record their explanations in writing. Big Ideas Because there are two interpretations for whole number division, namely measurement and sharing, there are also two interpretations for fraction division.

Multiplying and Dividing Rational Numbers to Solve Problems

In this section, we discuss measurement division. Fortunately, the measurement model can be applied directly to fraction division without modification. How much is left over? By finding a common partitioning of twelfths, we get a better idea of how much is leftover: Note that there is one small piece leftover.

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There are two ways of viewing this leftover part: The problem, then, is knowing which name to use for the leftover part. In summary, when using the measurement model of division, we are asking how many of the divisor the second fraction are in the dividend the first fraction.

The quotient tells us the number of copies of the divisor that are in the dividend. Students enrolled in MthEd may make one 1 copy of this text for their personal use in this class.

how to write a division number story

All other reproductions are expressly forbidden without the written permission of the author. For permission to use these materials as part of a class, please contact the author at dsiebert mathed.The number of fingers remaining on the right side of the finger that is down is the last digit of your number.

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You should have the correct answer when you are done. Check your answer on a sheet of paper and you should have the right answer. Write a division fact (smaller numbers) Write a division fact (larger numbers) Write a division fact (mix) Multiplication and Division Fill in the quotient Fill in the missing number Fill in the missing number Addition and Division Addition and division with 2 Addition and division with 3.

Types of Division Word Problems Partitive Division Quotitive Division Also Known As: Equal Sharing Division Dealing Out Division Measurement Division What is Known: The number of total items (28 pieces of paper) The number of groups (7 students) The number of total items (28 pieces of paper).

Finally, ask them to make up a word problem about the number of times the amount for their unit fraction bar fits into the amount for 3 whole bars and to write a division equation to express 3 . Write a division expression that represents the problem. division of whole numbers by unit fractions using visual fraction models and equations.

Prerequisite skiLLs •ivide whole numbers. D • Multiply whole numbers by unit fractions. Divide unit Fractions in Word Problems. 3rd Grade Division Worksheets, Lessons, and Printables Learning Division Facts Book: You Pick Numbers to Focus On Perfect for learning Division - especially the first page!

Write a division fact (larger numbers) Write a division fact (mix) Multiplication and Division Fill in the quotient Fill in the missing number.

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