Geography coursework river alyn

Virtual River Flow Virtual River Flow enables students to carry out virtual fieldwork and gather a wide range of primary data without leaving the classroom. On-screen help gives a detailed step-by-step guide to practical techniques and methods of data collection Program 2:

Geography coursework river alyn

We are a group of four boys, all aged eleven. We walk past the wide pool where, on previous occasions, we swam. Not that we had ever caught any; but we had it on good authority that friends of friends, older boys usually, had successfully done so.

We walk on, enjoying the way the sunlight flickered through the trees which overhung the water. This part of the river is unfamiliar to Geography coursework river alyn and the grass underfoot, lush and untrodden, suggests that few others ever walked this way.

As we move along the riverbank the valley gradually narrows, the sides rising more steeply and the trees closing in; a twilight of shade. I feel uneasy, perhaps we all do, though none of us will admit it.

We walk on, perhaps two, maybe three miles, hearing only our own footsteps and the sounds of our breathing.

Geography coursework river alyn

Even the birds have ceased their singing. Then, rounding a bend in the river, we reach the end of the valley, or at least the end of all possibility of moving any further upriver. Before us, like the massive rampart of some ancient fortress, is a high concrete wall. The wall stretches across the narrow neck of the valley, as if to pull both wooded sides together.

We edge closer, wary of our proximity to the river which is now a narrow concrete channel. Dark and slow-moving, its waters hint at unspeakable depths.

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The wall rises before us, high and grey. Water trickles down its surface, and along its crest glower metal railings topped with barbed-wire. We can walk forward no further, and with an unspoken agreement that we no longer wish to linger in this gloomy spot, we turn and retrace our footsteps.

Several days later I told my dad about our walk and asked him if he knew anything about the strange dam further up the valley from where we kids normally played by the river.

The factory was dangerous, he told me, and we should keep well clear of it.

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My friends and I did keep away and never walked as far as the dam again. The place seemed to lose its attraction to us after that. Through my childhood, and later into my teenage years, I picked up snippets of talk from listening-in on adult conversations.

Was it a real place or just part of local folklore? A little later, when studying O Level Art at school, I developed an interest in architecture. I had a particular fascination at that time for a group of large art-deco houses on a road near our council estate.

I loved the curved windows, the clean lines and the bold use of concrete. It was known in its planning phase as the X-Site and then, once constructed, as the Valley Works.

But to the locals, in the spirit of calling a spade a bleeding shovel, it was the Bomb Factory. Way back, even before the Romans came, the hills of Flintshire were mined for lead. The Romans expanded the workings and used Flintshire lead for their settlement at Deva Chester.

Later, during the time of Edward I, local lead was used for the construction of Builth Castle.

Database of FREE Geography essays - We have thousands of free essays across a wide range of subject areas. Sample Geography essays! Ms. Pamela S Smith, NP,ANP, is a Nurse Practitioner specialist in Waco, Texas. She graduated in , having over 25 years of diverse experience, especially in Nurse Practitioner. She is affiliated with many hospitals including Little River Healthcare. Today Year 9 Geography pupils went out into North Wales to visit a range of locations along the River Alyn. Pupils were investigating how and why a river changes along its course, and to do this we had the pupils in the river measuring its width, depth, velocity, discharge, gradient and pollution levels.

The industry was centred on the high ground of Halkyn Mountain, but over the centuries, it expanded north and south along the valley of the River Alyn Welsh: The section of the river valley around the village of Rhydymwyn is carved out of the underlying limestone and is pitted with underground caverns and chambers.

And it is here, above ground and below, that the Valley Works was built in But before that, in the nineteenth century, this stretch of the valley was already being developed by the Taylor family of nearby Coed Du Hall. Originally from Norwich, John Taylor was a landowner and mining engineer.

He oversaw the expansion of lead mining along the Alyn Valley at Rhydymwyn and had a foundry built on the edge of the village.These students graduated after the spring or summer session at Muscatine Community College, Muscatine, Iowa.

Those indicated by an asterisk (*) graduated at the end of the summer. Heavy boulders and pebbles are rolled along the river bed. Small pebbles are bounced along the river bed by the flow of water.

Fine clay and sand particles are carried along within the water.

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Some minerals dissolve in water such as calcium carbonate. This requires very little energy. Near the source. Instructions are provided in the Final Case Summary document.

Grading Rubric is also provided. Follow instructions listed in Final Case Summary for finished assignment. Case Study Fall is the Parker’s financial information. Assignment 3 and 4 need to be completed separately as they have not been attempted yet.

I am provided all other Assignments . This area of Internet Geography is devoted to GCSE Coursework. When producing coursework or a personal investigation there are usually six stages.

Database of FREE Geography essays - We have thousands of free essays across a wide range of subject areas. Sample Geography essays! May 06,  · Features of the upper course of a river including waterfalls.

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