Essays on congregational religion

Associations of the United Church of Christ Local churches are typically gathered together in regional bodies called Associations. Local churches often give financial support to the association to support its activities.

Essays on congregational religion

Introduction: Each of these groups is an association of independent, autonomous individual churches. The importance of self-governance of the local church congregation gives the church its name.
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Posted on July 26th,by essay Churches traditionally played an important role in the religious life of people. In fact, the development of any religion was accompanied by the construction of various temples and special places where adepts could worship their deity or deities. In this regard, Christianity became one of the religions which made the church a place where people could maintain their contact with God, while priests served as mediators between the God and believers.

At the same time, in the course of time the church evolved as well as the society and changes that occur in the society and its culture inevitably affect the church.

It should be said that since the beginning of the development of Christian churches thy have evolved consistently, but the question concerning the purpose of the church always remained in the focus of attention of theologians as well as ordinary adepts.

The present epoch is not an exception, but it is important to underline that the changes that take place in the contemporary society are so rapid and dramatic that it is quite difficult to define the purpose of church and its further development and perspectives.

In fact, the contemporary epoch became the age of the emergence of atheism, when religion has lost its traditional significance as the spiritual guide of people in their life. Basically, the author pays a lot of attention to the current trends that affect the development of the contemporary church.

Rick Warren lays emphasis on the fact that the purpose drive church model became a widely spread model, which defines the development of many churches in the contemporary world. At the same time, the author the author attempts to critically evaluate such a trend and analyze it in the historical context.

To put it more precisely, he looks back into the past, at the roots of the first Christian churches in attempt to find the original Christian view on the church and its purpose. Such a historical retrospection is extremely important because it provides an opportunity to better understand the evolution of the church and, therefore, it helps better understand its current stage of the development.

On the other hand, the author seems to be very skeptical about the current stage of the development of the church and he believes that the way many churches select at the present moment is erroneous and misguiding since it is rather determined by the current, modern trends than a historical mission of the church.

It should be pointed out that such a trend could be viewed as a response of churches to the changing socioeconomic and cultural environment since the growing role of materialism and commercial relations could not fail to affect the development of contemporary churches.

Essays on congregational religion

As a result, using the purpose driven model each church gets an excellent opportunity to define its own purposes which fit the needs and expectations of the community in which churches are actually located.

In such a way, contemporary churches no longer desire to discover what the Bible says about the purpose of the church in general, but they are formulating a specialized model custom-fitted for each church [1].

In such a way, the author reminds about the original purpose of the Church to guide people to Christianity and true faith which would be close not only to their minds but also to their hearts. Obviously, the author is disappointed because of the loss of the original purpose of the church and the ongoing trend to the penetration of consumerism within the church.

By Dawn L. Parks and Susannah R. Quern

In such a way, he eventually arrives to, probably, the major question of his book: While attempting to answer this question the author finds out various views and different motives and factors that can drive the church. In this respect, it is worth mentioning the fact that the church may be driven by tradition, when some cultural norm makes the church an essential part of the life of the community and often church-goers perceive their worshiping and attendance of church as a kind of traditional ritual they get used to perform throughout their life.

Also, Rick Warren points out that the church may be driven by finance, by personality, by programs, by events, by buildings, or by seekers. Obviously, the driving force may vary consistently and, in such a context, the original Biblical paradigm of the church is getting lost.

In fact, the author attempts to convince readers that the original Biblical paradigm of the church should be perceived as the purpose-driven church. In the current situation, this concept needs to be carefully evaluated and implemented in order to fulfill the purposes of the church. In this respect, it is necessary to underline that Rick Warren appreciates the purpose above all and, therefore, the church should be purpose driven since, according to the author, there is nothing preceding purpose [4].

However, it is important to underline that the position of Rick Warrant is a bit controversial. At any rate, it is obvious that the denial of the current trends to define the purpose of church on the basis of needs of the local community and focus on the historical purpose and role of the church may lead to the ignorance of interests of the local community.

Potentially, this may result in the ongoing decrease of the popularity of the church and the number of adepts.

Even at the present moment, the problem of the conversion of new adepts is a serious problem for many churches, while the rigidity of their purpose alienates churches and religion at large from the actual needs of the community.The Congregational Christian Churches The union by the Congregational and Christian churches seemed the most natural in the world, yet most of their life together from concerned the General Council with matters surrounding church union, first its own and then with the Evangelical and Reformed Church.

Essays on congregational religion

Religion and Life: One of the virtues I heard most praised was humility, and I have often regretted how little of it is evidenced by religious and . Summaries of Congregational Research.

The study of congregations has become a primary focus of sociologists of religion in the past decade. Today's Congregational Church Christians trace their core religious beliefs back to the Pilgrims and Puritans who fled persecution from the corrupt, authoritarian Church of England of their time, as described by the church publication, The Art and Practice of the Congregational Way.

About the Author Rev. Steven A. Peay, Ph.D. is Senior Minister of the First Congregational Church of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

Educated at Greenville College, IL. What Is Religion What is religion? According to an Oxford dictionary, religion is the belief in the existence of a supernatural ruling power, the creator and controller of the universe, who has given to man a spirtual nature which continues to exist after the death of the body.

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