Down my road my story told

The video, obtained by 9 Newsshows two men dressed in high-vis workwear jump out of their vehicle before going head-to-head with Leslie Nangle who was driving a Porsche. The incident occurred in the middle of the road at Lawnton in Brisbane.

Down my road my story told

In our modern era, they still are. Judging by the frequency of whippings in the movies and on TV, I think there is a much greater interest in whippings than most people would care to admit.

What movie that takes place aboard a British naval ship is complete without at least one sailor getting flogged with a cat-o-nine-tails?

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Even such a benign naval captain as Russell Crowe found it necessary to sentence one of his crew members to the "lash", albeit with much regret. What sword-and-sandals movie doesn't have someone receiving a brutal flogging administered by a Roman soldier as an example of "Roman justice"?

And what TV western doesn't eventually have an episode where a cowboy feels the sting of the whip? On "The Big Valley", Heath Barkley's manly body was subjected to the lash 3 or 4 times during the course of the series.

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However, I think Hollywood has created unrealistic expectations regarding whippings. Most of these movies or TV programs show the victim taking his punishment without uttering a sound, or, at most, a muffled grunt especially if he is the star.

Movies showing Alan Ladd taking a whipping stoically instantly come to mind. There are some exceptions: Presumably because of nudity prohibitions, most whipping scenes were shown being inflicted on the victim's bare back.

So, when I was young, I would fantasize exclusively about getting a whipping on my back. Down my road my story told was only after I was exposed to a "pornographic" film that my fantasies and desires eventually shifted from whippings on the bare back to whippings on the bare buttocks.

From my own personal experience, I've found that whippings on the bare buttocks seem to be more painful and unbearable than whippings on the bare back not that I consider either of them to be pleasurable experiences, at least not for the person receiving the whipping.

Has anyone else had any experience regarding this? And my pet peeve is one stupid idea perpetrated in the movies, especially in Westerns involving Indians. It is the notion that a man is "brave" if he can take a whipping or other torture stoically and that he is a coward if he cries or yells during his whipping.

The movies usually have an Indian spouting such verbal nonsense. In my opinion, a man shows courage if he willingly allows another man to put him in restraints so he can't escape and then submits to a whipping not knowing whether he can take the pain!

Whether he takes the whipping stoically or cries, screams, or yells in response to the pain is irrelevant. Because I've been a top, as well as a bottom, in a number of punishment scenes, it would be remiss of me not to mention that most of the guys I've administered whippings to did not cry or yell or plead with me to stop the punishment.

Now, exactly what constitutes a "moderate" interest in whippings?


However, it seems obvious to me that if most men could actually take a whipping stoically, whipping would not have become the preferred method of corporal punishment throughout history.

Is spanking just a pain in the butt? The sensation they are experiencing is one of "soreness".

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One can adjust to and minimize soreness. In fact, that becomes a major preoccupation when one gets older. Soreness is not what I fear about a whipping.

What really terrifies me about a whipping is the sensation I experience the instant the belt or strap strikes my naked buttocks. It is an incredible stinging sensation, the pain of which is a shock to my entire body.

My body cannot adjust to that pain. The closest thing I can compare it to is an electric shock. Only after the termination of the whipping and with time can my body and mind deal with the impact of that whipping and return to normal Writing about your fantasies is a very poor second choice to the real thing.

You might get some REAL action. And yes a true 10 lick paddling is probably way more than you can take. Also your bruised and red ass will last more than 1 week: I don't know how hard he is paddling your bare bottom.

You sound as it the paddling is not getting to you because you continue the vulgar language and taking The Lord's name in vain.Luxury home sites just down the road from Great Falls, Va. Rivermont, a new community in Great Falls, Va., features 19 single-family houses, at .

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Down my road my story told

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I had done 23Kms one way when a truck left the main ”. “Anyone of my age knows that days pass at a far greater speed than when they were young,” a man nearing his 70th birthday recently told me.

“But in my case there are so many things that need.

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