Delegation of authority is the key of an organization

It requires sophisticated clinical judgment and final accountability for patient care. Work Complexity Assessment, a program that defines and quantifies various levels of care complexity based on the knowledge and skill required to perform the work, has demonstrated that methods of patient assignment and staff scheduling that support consistency increase what could be delegated to ancillary personnel by using the more effective assignment patterns. The author begins this article by discussing delegation and the related concepts of responsibility, accountability, and authority. Next factors to consider in the delegation process, namely nursing judgmentinterpersonal relationshipsand assignment patterns are presented.

Delegation of authority is the key of an organization

It is inevitable along with the expansion and growth of a business enterprise. Delegation means assigning of certain responsibilities along with the necessary authority by a superior to his subordinate managers.

Delegation does not mean surrender of authority by the higher level manager. It only means transfer of certain responsibilities to subordinates and giving them the necessary authority, which is necessary to discharge the responsibility properly.

Delegation is quite common in all aspects of life including business. Even in the college, the principal delegates some of his authority to the vice-principal. In delegation, an attempt is being made to have meaningful participation and cooperation from the subordinates for achieving certain well-defined results.

Due to delegation, the routine responsibilities of the superior are reduced. As a result, he concentrates on more urgent and important matters. Secondly, due to delegation, subordinate becomes responsible for certain functions transferred to him. Delegation is a tool, which a superior manager uses for sharing his work with the subordinates and thereby raising his efficiency.

Delegation is not a process of abdication. The person who delegates does not divorce himself from the responsibility and authority with which he is entrusted. He remains accountable for the overall performance and also for the performance of his subordinates. Delegation is needed when the volume of work to be done is in excess of an individual's physical and mental capacity.

Delegation involves the following three basic elements: Assignment of duties to subordinates, Granting of authority to enable the subordinates to perform the duties assigned, and Creation of obligation on the part of subordinate to perform duties in an orderly manner.

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Moore, "Delegation means assigning work to the others and giving them authority to do so. Miner, "Delegation takes place when one person gives another the right to perform work on his behalf and in his name and the second person accepts a corresponding duty or obligation to do that is required of him.

To provide opportunities of growth and self development to junior executives.

Delegation of authority is the key of an organization

To create a team of experienced and matured managers for the Organisation. It acts as a technique of management and human resource development. To improve individual as well as overall efficiency of the Organisation.

The process of delegation moves through these stages. The following figure shows the stages in the process of delegation of authority. The authority is delegated accordingly and the subordinate is told what is expected from him. The usual practice is to list the functions to be performed by the subordinate.

If necessary, targets to be achieved by the subordinate are also spelt out. Subordinates may be assigned tasks either in terms of activities or results.Washington Cities Insurance Authority is a self insured municipal risk pool, offering liability, property and specialty insurance programs as well as risk management services to municipal entities in Washington state..

Contact Us | Public Records Request. Alice Weydt, RN, MS. Abstract. One of the most complex nursing skills is that of delegation.

It requires sophisticated clinical judgment and final accountability for patient care. OASIS Committee Specifications.

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Produced By: Approved. Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) WebSocket Binding (WSB) Version Committee Specification Effective Delegation. The hallmark of good supervision is effective delegation. Delegation is when supervisors give responsibility and authority to subordinates to complete a task, and let the subordinates figure out how the task can be accomplished.

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