Assigment for money

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Assigment for money

For most of its history money has taken the form of coins made of precious metal.

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The money, therefore, had intrinsic value. Many of the units of modern money recall their origin in amounts of precious metal; for example, the pound sterling was originally the Roman pound twelves ounces of silver. The Beginning of Banking in Britain In Britain, the modern age of banking began in when King Charles I, needing cash to pay the English army that he was raising against Scotland of which he was also king!

London was the stronghold of Parliament and was the safest city in the Kingdom. So those who desired not to have their bullion seized by one side or the other placed their gold in the hands of goldsmiths in the city, who naturally had their own methods of safe-keeping. The First Bankers In exchange for this gold, the depositors received a receipt: These notes, the first bank notes, once their veracity was established, proved to be very popular with their recipients, as gold was heavy and cumbersome.

Except that once the goldsmiths realised that few people actually wanted to redeem their notes, they began very secretly to issue more than they had gold to back them. This newly-created money was then lent out to people who wished to borrow it at a rate of interest.

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This was a practice of highly dubious legality, but its practice was never tested in court. The Bank of England Then inthis practice of creating money out of thin air was effectively legitimised with the founding of the Bank of England.

It was not the first bank to be founded Coutts was founded inbut the nature of its creation was central to the role that banks went on the play in the supply of money.

InEngland was still a predominantly rural country.

Assigment for money

Most people still grew their own food, built their own homes, collected their own firewood for fuel, drew their own water from wells and frequently made their own clothes. Money was not the necessity that it is today for most people, but it was still needed in large amounts when the nation went to war.

Assigment For Money

This was the start of the National Debt. This paper money was theoretically backed by the gold, but as that had been lent to the King, it meant that the same sum of money was lent out twice over! The validity of this practice was never tested in a court of law, as it remained a matter that was hidden from the general public.

Even today, the banks like to draw a veil over their activities. Growth During the Industrial Revolution The 18th and 19th century saw the growth and development of the British banking system, which soon spread around the world with the Empire.

It also saw the decline in the use of precious metals gold and silver as currency and the increasing confidence in paper money and base non-precious, eg copper metal coins. As new banks sprung up and grew, they each issued their own bank-notes. Unfortunately, problems sometimes occurred if a bank issued too much of its own paper money over its stock of gold and silver coins.

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Assigment for money

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