Analysis on erl king

The house is dark, overgrown, and haunted by ghosts. This time it is the heroine who is the monster. She is still young and virginal, but not innocent, as she must murder to live. Active Themes The Countess is inhumanly beautiful, with long sharp fingernails and teeth.

Analysis on erl king

But there is a deeper problem with their relationship, just hinted at under the opening credits in the prologue, and only disclosed at the end.

In the prologue Claudette Colbert is bound and gagged in a closet, but a second later appears in a wedding dress.

Analysis on erl king

This scene is cross-cut with groom Joel McCrea hurriedly changing from one formal suit to another while rushing to church for the wedding.

Both twins, trying to steal their sibling's intended, inadvertently married each other instead. The couple remain married from untilwhen this story begins. Gerry decides that Tom would be better off if they split up. She packs her bags; takes some money offered to her by the Wienie King Robert Dudleya strange but rich little man who is thinking of renting the Jeffers' apartment; and boards a train for Palm Beach, Florida.

There she plans to get a divorce and meet a wealthy second husband who can help Tom. On the train, she meets the eccentric John D. Joel McCrea and Claudette Colbertstars of The Palm Beach Story, from the trailer for the film Because of an encounter with the wild and drunken millionaire members of the Ale and Quail hunting club, Gerry loses all her luggage; after making do with clothing scrounged from other passengers, she is forced to accept Hackensacker's extravagant charity.

They leave the train and go on a shopping spree for everything from lingerie to jewelry — Hackensacker minutely noting the cost of everything in a little notebook, which he never bothers to add up — and make the remainder of the trip to Palm Beach on Hackensacker's yacht named The Erl King a Sturges joke on the Hackensacker family business, oil.

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Tom follows Gerry to Palm Beach by air, also with the impromptu financial assistance of the Wienie King. Soon, Hackensacker falls for Gerry, while his often-married, man-hungry sister, Princess Centimillia Mary Astorchases Tom, although her last lover, Toto Sig Arnois still following her around.

To help further his suit with Gerry, Hackensacker agrees to invest in Tom's scheme to build an airport suspended over a city by wires.

Tom finally persuades Gerry to give their marriage another chance, and they confess their masquerade to their disappointed suitors.

Even though he is disappointed, Hackensacker intends to go through with his investment in the suspended airport, since he thinks it is a good business deal and he never lets anything get in the way of business. Then, when Tom and Gerry reveal that they met because they are both identical twins — a fact which explains the opening sequence of the film — Hackensacker and his sister are elated.

The final scene shows Hackensacker and Gerry's sister, and the Princess and Tom's brother, getting married. The film ends where it began after the prologue, with the words "And they lived happily ever afterIn music, a pedal point (also pedal tone, pedal note, organ point, or pedal) is a sustained tone, typically in the bass, during which at least one foreign, i.e., dissonant harmony is sounded in the other parts.A pedal point sometimes functions as a "non-chord tone", placing it in the categories alongside suspensions, retardations, and passing tones.

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