A tale of 2 coaches

The Bears will play their first Southern Conference game as a program, and fittingly, that matchup comes against the Furman Paladins.

A tale of 2 coaches

You be the judge which drives the best results. Our first sales manager, who runs the east region, flies to Boston for two days of diligent, vigorous four-legged coaching calls. Our second Manager, who oversees the Midwest region, is attempting to coach as well — but from a remote lake cottage in Wisconsin.

Whom do you think impacts selling effectiveness the most? The one in Boston predictably incurs cancelled calls, poor opportunities, and occasionally gives in to the need to sell spoiling any potential teaching moment.

A tale of 2 coaches

To be fair, our Boston road gladiator is working admirably hard, but possesses no magic crystal ball to indicate the most promising coaching calls in advance. Net result for the Bostonian — 10 sales calls scheduled, but only a single coachable event. Good seafood aside, most would consider this trip unproductive — a lot of hard work and expense for small, incremental gain.

Our sales manager at the lake cottage coaches a bit differently. Over the same two days, this manager of a Midwest field team had 10 highly effective coaching sessions — not one.

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How could that be? Our lakefront warrior coaches virtually. She listens to critical moments from real-time field sales calls uploaded every day from the field.

A tale of 2 coaches

These calls are often broken down like game film, directing her to the most critical, coachable moments. With synthesized data to review, her performance feedback is delivered crisply, firmly, and efficiently.

Does our coach-on-the-lake have a crystal ball to know the good calls from the bad ones? Not really, but she does have a filter that sorts field calls by pre-determined criteria. The math is simple. For the latter, twenty hours with two salespeople nets only one teachable event.

Conversely, it takes our virtual coach about 45 minutes to review and deliver coaching insight — whether rookies or average producers. Sadly, as soon as that sales manager got back on the plane, the sellers reverted back to the old ways of selling — out of sight out of mind.

Remember — more calls coming in each day. That means our forward-thinking sales manager can soon visit a new set of field calls to ensure mistakes have been corrected, new skills perfected, and contemporary messaging executed flawlessly.

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You know the answer to that one — zero expense! Was our Sales Coach on the lake using magical technology to rapidly improve rookie ramp and core seller effectiveness? Not really, but, then again, good solutions are indistinguishable from magic.Case Study Analysis Paper 4: A Tale of Two Coaches Elizabeth Smith Grand Canyon University: LDR January 30, The path-goal theory describes the way leaders support their followers in achieving their goals by removing obstacles, clarifying expectations, and .

Coach Knight on the other hand was not as concerned about his relationship with his players. His demonstrated attitude was that he was there to do a job and so were the players.

A good practice was flawlessly executed drills where players were “taught to play his game of basketball. A Tale of Two Coaches A Tale of Two Coaches Kudos to Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy for being the first two black coaches to lead teams to the Superbowl.

But hold the applause for the NFL. An intensive two-hour practice had begun. The Colby-Sawyer alumna and new Middlebury College women’s basketball head coach stepped into her role with ease, yet her youth and humility made it easy to imagine Krasco as she was just 10 years ago: one of the finest offensive players in Chargers history.

Thus began a rollercoaster career, including working for 17 head coaches on eight NFL teams; being a part of 19 winning seasons, 16 playoff appearances and three championship teams; living in 10 cities; coaching at two colleges; selling municipal bonds; receiving coaching awards; and .

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