A biography of lance corporal richard tapsell

Husband of Laura Telford nee Firth, of Bramham. The Census records that George was at this juncture employed as a Brewers Labourer, presumably at the Wharfedale Brewery, however by the year ofit would appear that he had changed his vocation to that, or had learned the trade of a Blacksmith.

A biography of lance corporal richard tapsell

Invasion of the Waikato Save Chart from the medical and surgical journal of A. Hostilities lasted for nine months, from July to April The defeat and confiscations left the King Movement tribes with a legacy of poverty and bitterness that was partly assuaged in when the government conceded that the invasion and confiscation was wrongful and apologised for its actions.

According to Browne, in response to his belligerence, Kingite leaders formed plans to launch a raid on Auckland on 1 September and burn the town and slaughter most of its residents.

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Browne's invasion plan was suspended when he was replaced by Sir George Grey in September that year, and the Kingites in turn abandoned their plan for their uprising. The so-called Great South Road would provide quick access to troops in the event of an invasion. Events in early brought tensions to a head.

A biography of lance corporal richard tapsell

In March Kingites obstructed the construction of a police station at Te Kohekohe, near Meremereand 80 armed warriors raided the 80 hectare property at Te Awamutu occupied by magistrate and Commissioner John Gorstseizing the printing press on which he published a newspaper and taking it to Kihikihi.

The ambush, ordered by Rewi, may have been planned as an assassination attempt on Grey, who regularly rode the track between New Plymouth and the Tataraimaka military post.

Concerned by the renewed aggression, some Kingites began resurrecting their plan to raid Auckland and its frontier settlements. Europeans living quietly on their own lands in Waikato have been driven away; their property has been plundered; their wives and children have been taken from them. By the instigation of some of you, officers and soldiers were murdered at Taranaki.

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Others of you have since expressed approval of these murders You are now assembling in armed bands; you are constantly threatening to come down the river to ravage the Settlement of Auckland and to murder peaceable settlers.

Some of you offered a safe passage through your territories to armed parties contemplating such outrages Those who remain peaceably at their own villages in Waikato, or move into such districts as may be pointed out by the Government, will be protected in their persons, property, and land.

Those who wage war against Her Majesty, or remain in arms, threatening the lives of Her peaceable subjects, must take the consequences of their acts, and they must understand that they will forfeit the right to the possession of their lands guaranteed to them by the Treaty of Waitangi.

Within a day—before the proclamation had even reached the Waikato[21]—Grey ordered the invasion of the Kingite territory, claiming he was making a punitive expedition against Rewi over the Oakura ambush and a pre-emptive strike to thwart a "determined and bloodthirsty" plot to attack Auckland.

Though Grey claimed it was a defensive action, historian B. Dalton claimed his reports to London had been "a deliberate and transparent falsehood" and that the invasion was an act of "calculated aggression". But the continuous arrival of regiments from overseas rapidly swelled the force. Reinforcements continued to arrive and within days he had troops.

British casualties totalled one dead and 12 wounded.

Conflicts in 1863

The attack prompted the establishment of five new redoubts on the route, taking of Cameron's men. He had the armoured ton paddle-steamer Avon—20m long, drawing one metre of water and armed with a pounder Armstrong in the bows—as well as boats, barges and canoes.

On 2 September a British party of 62 men was fired on from the rear during a march on the village of Pokeno, but managed to pursue their attackers and inflict some casualties. Each stockade needed its own garrison—from 25 to 55 men—and supply line, eventually accounting for almost of his men, further draining him of frontline manpower.

Rangiriri Military posts and scenes of engagement in South Auckland and the Waikato, Three weeks later, on 20 November, Cameron, commanding a battle force of more than men, launched an attack on Rangiriri, further up the Waikato River.

The front line ran east-west, while another line of defences ran south from the main line, facing the river. In the centre of the main line lay a small but well-protected north-facing redoubt with several lines of concealed rifle pits at its southern side.

The defences consisted solely of earthworks, with no palisading; a redoubt midway along the main line, had a low profile and was deceptively strong.

A second division of men of the 40th Regiment under Lieut-Colonel Arthur Leslie with additional naval backup, were transported by barge further south with the aim of gaining possession of a ridge metres behind the main entrenchment and cutting off any escape.

Members of the 12th and 14th regiments who tried to climb the earthworks near the centre of the line with the aid of ladders were shot down and within a short time 40 of the British were dead or wounded.To bring the true stories of the British Home Children to light, to maintain their memory and to reunite the families separated during the child migrant scheme.

Dec 31,  · Richard J Aldrich © UK). – Peter Fulcher was an enforcer for drug boss Terry Clark and the heroin trade. Fulcher was sentenced to 14 . News and opinion from The Times & The Sunday Times. Pre-service history teacher Richard Blandford takes us through the importance of telling a good yarn when teaching history - and offers some starting points with examples of strong narratives to teach with.

A biography of lance corporal richard tapsell

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Richard Henry Griffith, Second Engineer Officer, Merchant Navy. Robert Charles Grimwade, Works Director, Holbrook Machine Tool Co. Ltd.

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